We Miss you so much in California

Post date: Oct 15, 2009 6:50:14 AM

Dan and Megan,

It is so hard not to have you out here. I can remember years ago when Dan was my daughter's favorite gymnastics coach, and Megan was her favorite swim coach even though you didn't really know each other or how amazing you both were. But we were so shocked that you ended up finding each other through music and even getting married and starting a family. Thank you for always including us along the way. It has been a blessing to see my daughter rise up to be a leader among her peers because of the influence you both have had on her through music. I am so grateful. It is such a witness about God's love the way you treat these kids. It is true that you see them all the way He does, and the blossom because of it. We wish you the best in Mississippi and we will be praying that you work wonders out there just like you did here, or maybe even more.

We all love you so much!