Our theatre program is unique. Rather than paying licensing fees to perform others' works, and those fees being passed on to performers' families, we create our own works in house. This allows for some amazing things:

    1. EVERYone who auditions and wants to be in the play WILL be in the play, because we can write parts to fit skillsets.
    2. All the music can match vocal ranges of the performers, optimizing their excellence.
    3. Students learn to tap into their own creative reservoirs and contribute to the process, thereby seeing their own work performed.
    4. Costs for tuition can be kept to a minimum.

Please look into the testimonials former performers and their families have made to get a feel for how this process works, and to gain a better understanding of the excellence our theatre program brings to the table.

Summer Musical 2017: A Walk Through the Woods

Fall Production 2017: Heart of the Holidays

Spring Production 2018: A Storybook off the Hook

Fall Production 2018: The ChrisMystery

Spring Production 2019: Bacon, Eggs, and SleepyHeads

Fall Production 2019: Gimme Some Space