We work with families and individuals in the world of inclusion. This means that whether someone has special needs or not, if someone comes from a broken home or not, whether someone is 9 minutes old or ninety years old, if someone has lots of money or not, for all people of all kinds, there is a place for them at the Kaimen Center. We are involved in the homeschool world; we are connected with the D/deaf community; we are an integral part of the performing arts; we are submerged in the swim world; and we deal with arts, athletics, and education on a day-in-day out basis. People interested on or part of these realms are our clients.

New Clients?

Feel free to text or call Dan Harris at 559-862-8177 (I know, I know, I just never got rid of my California number after I moved to Olive Branch, but I was born here, so that should count for something...)
Or, email me at

Some of our Previous Clients:

  • In the Arts

have won awards in theatre, music, and other performing arts.
  • In Sports

have gone on to play sports in college
  • In Education

have improved ACT scores drastically and earned advanced degrees.