World Languages for Kids

World Languages for Kids. This 45 minute class is $5 per child aged 6 months and up, with a $10 family cap. The focus is multilingual immersion through songs, crafts, games, and stories. The languages employed will be English, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, and American Sign Language. Teacher Dan spent middle school, high school, and college in Taiwan, is fluent in Mandarin and ASL, and carries a bachelors and half a masters degree in Linguistics. He has been an educator in a variety of settings in and out of the classroom and has had the joy of working with all types of students: preschool through college age "kids" with everything in between for twenty years. Furthermore, he is currently only three units shy of a masters degree in education. The World Languages for Kids class is upbeat, fun, and creative, and it will be eye opening for children and parents alike.

World Languages for Kids: The "affective filter" is usually a big problem in foreign language classes. How many of us have taken 3 years of Spanish in high school, but still don't feel comfortable carrying on a conversation with a native speaker. Why? The standard way of teaching languages really doesn't partner with our brains' natural language engine. Dan's years of study in linguistics, his mastery of languages "exotic" to one another, and his hugely diverse background in education have landed him a unique position to create a language program that capitalizes on our inbuilt language learning systems through the use of games, songs, activities and crafts. Although this class is founded on the principles of early childhood learning, it's diversity will ensure that parents and children of all ages will enjoy themselves immensely (which is the key to long term retention) and feel appropriately challenged in Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, ASL and English. Please come. 45 minutes. 10:30 am Wednesdays. $5 per child, $10 family cap. 8920 Midsouth Dr. Olive Branch MS. (The youth center for Hope Chapel). Pay as you go. No contract. The modular approach prevents absences from having a deleterious effect. This class is a joyous part of the Kaimen Center.