Dan Harris--Tutor

Dan has twenty-seven years tutoring experience, without losing touch with the perspectives of young minds. Raised by a mathematician and an engineer, Dan began his career in STEM(1) at an early age: accompanying land surveys, observing track alignment, and grading pre-algebra tests. However, his mother’s then latent aptitude for art blossomed in Dan, forming him into an accomplished painter, graphic design artist, and musician. All this lands him much more in the realm of STEAM(2).

Having spent middle school, high school, and college in Taiwan, Dan spent the most important 10 years of his life in a multicultural, multilingual environment. This is where he learned Mandarin Chinese and, ironically, English. Teaching EFL(3) to pay his way through National Taiwan University’s Medical College was the start of a love for the structure of English that came to full fruition in a degree in Linguistics (TESOL(4) Option) from California State University, Fresno.

Shortly after this, Dan began working for a non-profit in Fresno that promoted inclusion for those with and without special needs, even while continuing to tutor. This coupled with his later stint as a teacher at a private christian school led Dan into enrolling at Grand Canyon University to pursue a master's degree in education. Dan is presently one class shy of this degree.

1 Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics

2 Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics

3 English as a Foreign Language

4 Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages